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Freezers, refrigerators and Fridge Freezers – Quit! Do not Buy One Before You Read This

Hello! I’ve been giving and adding Freezers and Fridge-Freezers and other devices for almost 30 years of course, if you ask me on buying a Fridge or Freezer I’d offer the following guidance.

Available Space

Howmuch space is available for Fridge or your Refrigerator?

I know this sounds evident along with a tiny ridiculous question – however you will be amazed how many folks become so be-impressed by all alarms and the whistles when buying a fresh domestic equipment that they finish your investment fundamentals – like will it suit?


The outside sizes for a refrigerator are 600 mm wide x 600 mm serious along with the top could range between 450 mm.

This is easy and pretty evident to verify, possibly there could be a far more important concern the central capacity, and you should try and match this as near as you can to your requirements. (Recall – looking to cool a clear place in a refrigerator is actually a waste of power – just like attempting to heat an empty place in a house. With this specific at heart you need to think about the dimension of the household and also your buying behaviors prior to making your choice.


The majority of the data covered regarding fridges may be put on freezers, but there are several additional concerns.

Freezing Capacity – this suggests the amount of food which can be frozen in a 24-hour time and it is typically advised in kg.

Heat – Freezers should preserve food at -18C – and also the rapid freeze heat that is maximum for food to keep most of its nutritional importance is -26C.

Types of Freezers – you will find two kinds of freezer, the traditional chest freezer, and our favourite, the vertical freezer.

I find the upright freezer makes it easier to shop and obtain food and takes up less living area.

Fridge Freezers

Practically all the data included in fridges and freezers might be placed on Fridge Freezers as well as in most cases Fridge Freezers will be the most economical and hottest option.

Other Activities to Think About

Energy Rating – All Refrigerators/Freezers and Fridge Freezers are now ranked for effectiveness, From The to G (A being essentially the most efficient and G being the least efficient).

Colour – The fridge that is bright /freezer is still the shade that is most popular however you are now able to simply get yourself a magic fridge possibly a fridge that is dark or /freezer /freezer. And at some consultant outlets, virtually any colour you need!

Cooling Broker – CFC gasoline was the most widely used chilling representative, but it’s been restricted, because of the damage it causes for the ozone level when it leaks into the environment, and a few of the choices give rise to global warming. Consequently many new refrigerators currently incorporate pure gases, like Isobutene, which do not enhance global warming and have no hazardous effects on the ozone layer.

Disposal of Fridges/Freezers

You’ll find expert companies that will eliminate fridges and freezers, your local authority can help you. Many older styles contain much more importantly carelessly discarded fridges and CFC gases can be very unsafe to young kids, who may become trapped included leading to suffocation!


Defrosting is important to retain your fridge or freezer working at its utmost efficiency. It can be an actual undertaking, but it is currently possible to get fridges that donot have to be defrosted since the air is consistently circulated to avoid a lot of ice.

Extras Worthwhile Considering

Zoned Freezers – you can now get refrigerator freezers with different conditions in numerous locations, to fit the cold specifications of foods that are various.

Ice/Water – models will have ice-makers water chillers and /dispensers /dispensers fitted as standard.

Door Alarms – It’s possible to obtain fridge freezers with door alarms installed – to avoid doors being left open accidentally. I think these must be installed as standard!


This information’s goal would be to give the fundamental understanding to generate an informed decision on the type of freezer fridge freezer you need on your own individual circumstances to you. That is why in this specific article, I’ven’t gone into depth on models and certain makes of refrigerators and freezers, I’ve different posts where I give attention to certain appliances for the kitchen, based on knowledge and my own information.


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